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12 Jul

4 tips to win and get rid of cellulite!

4 tips to win and get rid of cellulite!

To a subject that employs a lot of women and men. How do we solve cellulite? A few steps that I tried on myself and just worked like magic!

Before we start, I recommend always consulting with a professional. Everything written in the article is written from personal experience and reading studies and articles on the subject. And in the case of patients it is highly recommended to consult with a professional doctor.

It is important to understand that the subject is not thin or fat, overweight or normal weight. Cellulite does not stop before thin. it can be in thin and overweight! The purpose of this guide is not to slim down, even though the four amazing tips for lowering cellulite can also be used to slim down and lose weight.

It started that one day I woke up, I looked in the mirror and just did not recognize the girl I saw there, I felt I had aged over night and i am still in my 20`s. Although the late 20’s but still ..

Not a sight that pleased me to say the least. I just did not understand where all these bumps were on my legs and I certainly did not think it would happen to me at such a young age.

So first you should understand what is cellulite.

Cellulite is the result of toxins such as sugars and processed foods. The body can not break down these toxins and simply throws them into the upper layers of the skin. Cellulite appears as a bumpy texture on the skin, in areas such as buttocks,Legs, belly and arms and may appear in all parts of your body, even in the face.

Cellulite does not differentiate between lean and excess weight, it is the result of nutrition and what we put into our mouths. Usually it starts at the age of 25 (personally I met 20 girls with cellulite) and is known to reduce self-confidence.

So now that we’ve understood what cellulite is, we’ll begin to understand how to get rid of it or at least reduce it.

When I saw cellulite in my legs, I immediately began to find out, to research and work correctly to get rid of cellulite.

I managed to reduce and there was a period when he came back, so you have to understand, to get rid of him once does not work.

There are certain foods that you must significantly reduce!

this is your short guide and then i wrote some explanations for those who have the power to read: Try it at least 14 days and you will see amazing results!
1. Avoid sugars, sugary drinks, chocolates and processed foods.
2. Drink at least 2 liters of water a day. Without missing
3. Walking flows blood and break cellulite in the most efficient way. Walking an hour a day (6 miles) will significantly reduce and even remove the cellulite from your body.
4. Take a bath sponge with water / oil and begin to “sponge” the “infected” spot with cellulite – in this way you will flow blood to the place and dispose of the toxins from your body. And the results are amazing, it is important to note that one tip alone will not help and you should use the 4 tips as one.

These are really important tips to eliminate cellulite from your body. Try them for 14 days without skipping and you will see wonderful results. It is important to note that the 4 tips should be used together and not tried individually. Only the four of them will lead you to serious results.

Want more information and details? Read on!
Sugars, chocolates, sweeteners, sweetened beverages. All these do not break well and become a cellulite . So if you (especially women) want to reduce and stop cellulite, immediately stop punting these toxins into your body. Let’s try for two weeks, 14 days without sweet foods, sweet drinks and processed foods, and you’ll see that you’re starting to see change, but without a few other factors, the change will not be big. Keep reading!

The next step is to incorporate water in your daily diet, I drink 2 gallons of water . Very simple and easy, and I was always the one who did not drink, did not go into the bathroom beyond two times a day, morning and night, and today I completely changed the way, because the effect of water is wonderful on the body! And it’s really not difficult, simple and easy. In the morning, prepare a bottle of water, preferably 2 liters, and put in a bag. The daily goal is to finish the water bottle! You’ve arrived after a day’s work and you’re not done, sit in your house and just start drinking until you’re done.

walk? At least an hour a day, morning, noon, or evening does not matter. Get moving! Your body does the work for you when you move yourself into action. An hour’s walk sends blood to the body and cleanses the body of toxins. I walk for an hour – an hour and a half until I reach six kilometers a day. Usually in the morning. It stimulates me for the day and gives me a lot of energy. Personally, I feel that my mind feeds on this walk and is just more alert. In the case of meetings and a stressful day, I do not give up and end the day walking.

And finally, the right dessert that will not work without the other three tips. To produce an act of blood flow to the infected “cellulite” site. I highly recommend taking a sponge bath, there is in every house. With oil or water, the main thing is not dry and just begin to “scrub” the entire area of ​​the infected with cellulite for a few minutes. This helps all other actions to be more effective and the results are amazing.

I would be happy if you share the result with me and I would also be happy to stimulate discussion on the subject.

For a healthier life, more alert, happier and more beautiful,

Adriana Adi